How does Hypnosis help?

Logically you may know the things that would help improve your happiness, just as someone who wants to reduce weight may know they need to go to the gym and stop eating in front of the TV. The issue is that automatic patterns of thought and behaviour and emotion are not located in the same part of your mind as logic and rationality.

Naturally, a clear and conscious intent to be happier is fundamental, but so are the emotional and subconscious underpinnings. Hypnosis provides the natural state of trance to allow you to gain the insights and understandings necessary at a subconscious level to do what you want to do.

The process of hypnosis feels good, and in producing a state of relaxation, makes you happier in itself. Each week we will use hypnosis to consolidate new learning and to give you a context in which to reassess unhelpful patterns of thought and behaviour and focus on how you want to be. These sessions will be reinforced by CDs for you to listen to at home.