Feedback from previous course participants

Here is a selection of the feedback provided at the end of the previous course:

It has been very useful indeed. The combination of psychological theory and research, practical exercises, hypnotherapy and group discussion has been very effective.

I have enjoyed the course. It has made me question different areas of my life in which I can change and do things differently. It has given me a focus to change how I do things in order to rebuild my life, and even with ill health I can be happy.

Very informative - the discussion sessions were very useful and the details of the different studies interesting. The personality types, recognising and changing negative behaviour are things that I will keep coming back to + am using on a daily basis together with the top 10 tips for happiness!

Very glad I have done it. I will miss Wednesdays. Probably better than I was expecting - but then I wasn’t sure what I was expecting! Seeing change in others has been great. Very good delivery. A calm welcoming atmoshpere. I knew I was on the road before I came but you have given me better directions!

Really helpful - can’t believe how much I have changed. I feel I can more than cope with difficult situations and am enjoying life. I am more self aware and in touch with feelings. Liked the VMI and idea of hope particularly.

Really enjoyed it and will recommend it whole-heartedly.

It has been very enjoyable, I have looked forward to coming each week and am sad that the course is ending. It has helped me to focus - the homework has been really practical, though I have had to keep reading back through my notes to remind myself and go back over things I had forgotten to do. It has helped me to gain perspective, I have particularly benefited from the idea of mindfulness. I am doing a lot more for myself now. Sharing with others has been particularly helpful, and listening to others ideas / experiences. I enjoyed the anecdotes / research examples.