What Information and Skills will I Learn?

An important first step to explore is how you define your happiness and the differences you will experience as a result of feeling happier. The material on the course can then be tailored to take account of your needs as well as those of the group. It is likely that we will include:
  • How the mind works
  • Developing a solution-focused mindset to happiness
  • The influence of personality - yours and others’
  • The impact of strong relationships
  • The use of key personal strengths and abilities
  • Development of mindful awareness
  • Activities and thoughts that make you happier

At each class we will start by highlighting progress and insights gained over the week. During the main part of the evening, we will explore particular concepts and skills and engage in exercises to improve understanding. Our learning is then consolidated with a session of group hypnosis at the end. During the week you will then get a chance to put the concepts and techniques into practice.